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Here you'll find a collection of our latest and greatest builds; completely bespoke, massively detailed and expertly finished, utilising only the best technology.

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Featuring a 600W solar panel, a 460AH Lithium battery and a 180L fresh water underslung tank, this is our largest off-grid set up to date. Inside, this Van features handcrafted fluted panelling and matte black hardware, set against neutral lime-wash walls. With curved ceilings and recessed lights, this Van boasts a calming, earthy inside.


2019 VW Crafter CR35 Trendline Tdi LWB

With solid oak frames and sleek, black cabinet handles this conversion really stood out as a chunky, yet sharp/modern home on wheels. Complete with lithium battery bank, 380W PV and underslung LPG, this really does live up to the off-grid label.



2019 VW Crafter CR35 Trendline Tdi LWB

A seriously powerful  R O A D H O U S E  in more ways than one; the bright yellow handle detail, the 'Method Vans' decals, the large PV panel & Roamer Lithium Battery. It also has a whopping 180 litre fresh water tank that'll last you a good long while parked up somewhere off-grid.


MAN TGE Torsus
4x4, MWB

A custom build of this MWB 4x4 MAN TGE Torsus edition, complete with HEKI opening skylight above the bed, a third sleeping spot on the pull out bench seat, step-through shower tray just inside the sliding door, and totally gas free! It's sharp laminated finish combined with the solid oak makes it feel as chunky inside as it looks on the outside.



2016 VW Crafter CR35 LWB

A van with a very traditional look, featuring shaker-style cabinet doors and brass knobs. This project also featured a 12v operated folding bed that once folded up created a sofa in the main living space and a bench seat looking out from the barn doors.

VW Crafter CR35

Example Baseline Specification


  • Victron Energy EasySolar 12/1600/70 with MPPT 100/50 – Combines MPPT solar charge controller, inverter/charger and AC distribution

  • Victron Energy Battery Monitor BMV700 – Comprehensive monitoring of a single battery bank using a shunt.

  • Victron Energy Color Control GX – Provides an instant overview of power system: battery state of charge, present power consumption, power harvest from solar panel, power provision from hook-up. Remote management linked to your devices.

  • Victron Orion Smart – 12v-12v 30a (360W) DC-DC charger. Allows charging of lithium battery from smart alternator.

  • 380W Q Cells All Black Solar Panel – Half Cell Mono Percium – Latest Tech – MCS Approved.

  • Battery Bank – 200AH ROAMER lithium battery with built in BMS (For use with Roamer App)

  • AC Hook Up

  • Power Points – 3no 240v Sockets, 4no 12v USB charging points. Switched.

  • Lighting – Main room lights; 4 LED downlights, switched with dimmer. Kitchen; Under cabinet LED strip, switched. Bathroom; 1 LED downlight, switched. Bedroom; 2 reading lights, switched independently. Garage; LED strip light, switched in garage. Above table light, switched.

  • Sound System – 200W FosiAudio BT20A Bluetooth amp. 2no 6x9 speakers set into barn doors. Independent of cab sound system.



  • Fresh Water Tank – 180L Underslung tank from CJL. Control panel level read out in kitchen cabinet.

  • Waste Water Outlet – To be used with portable waste tank (for easy of emptying)

  • Water Pump – SHURflo 12v 30psi, 7 Litres per minute; coupled with Fiamma expansion tank. Both fitted externally and underslung at rear. Switched.

  • Water Heater – iMASS Instantaneous Gas Water Heater IWH-1.5E. Fitted through O/S wall at rear. Fed by LPG tank. Control panel in living area.

  • Gas Tank – Underslung 30L LPG tank fitted externally and centrally, behind rear axle. Comes with European filling adapters. Control panel level read out in kitchen cabinet. Switched.

  • Gas Supply – Switched on/off using solenoid. Switch located inside living space along with other controls and level indicators.

  • – Ikea Kilsviken Inset sink.

  • Tap – Black Mixer tap.

  • – ‘Domestic’ mixer shower – Hot and cold.

  • Toilet – Thetford Cassette C223CS. Electric flush, switched. Rotating bowl. Cassette tank is removable through a sealed door into main room.

  • Living Space Heating – Propex Heatsource HS2000 12v LPG Gas Heating system with digital thermostat Switched.


  • – Thetford Caprice 3 Hob, gas cooker oven and Grill. Fed by LPG tank.

  • – Alpicool Adventurer 50L Fridge Freezer – 12v compressor.



  • Wheels and Tyres  - 5no Brand new black steels with Radar AT5 all-terrain, 245/65/r17 tyres.

  • Awning – Fiamma F80s wind-out awning with tie-down straps.

  • Spare Wheel – Wheeliams hinge-mounted rear door spare wheel carrier, finished with raptor paint.

  • Bed Skylight – Large Double glazed roof light

  • Roof Vent – 1no Maxxfan Deluxe

  • Side Windows – 2no bonded, tinted windows. O/S opening. N/S fixed.

  • 2no bonded bunk windows at rear, fixed.

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